Shoulder Surgery

There are over a dozen different forms of shoulder surgery, from the simple to complex, depending on the problem or condition to be resolved. Due to Dr Cutbush’s experience as a shoulder specialist, he is more than qualified to advise on what is the best shoulder surgery option for you. Click more for a greater explanation.


The rehabilitation stage following any shoulder surgery is vitally important for ensuring the success of the procedure, along with speedy recovery and long-term benefits. Also, different procedures require different types of rehabilitation. Click more to learn about correct rehabilitation methods.


The first step towards establishing the right solution for you is having an initial consultation with Dr Cutbush. Kept friendly and informal, it's your opportunity to discuss any concerns and discover your options. Certain documents are required on the day, so please click more to find out what's needed.

Kenneth Cutbush

Brisbane Shoulder Surgeon

Associate Professor Kenneth Cutbush is a specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon practising exclusively in Shoulder Surgery. Dr Cutbush cares for patients with acute sports injuries such as shoulder dislocations, fractures and tendon injuries as well as more chronic disorders including shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff tears.



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