Shoulder Surgery

There are over a dozen different forms of shoulder surgery, from the simple to complex, depending on the problem or condition to be resolved. Due to Dr Cutbush’s experience as a shoulder specialist, he is more than qualified to advise on what is the best shoulder surgery option for you. Click more for a greater explanation.


The rehabilitation stage following any shoulder surgery is vitally important for ensuring the success of the procedure, along with speedy recovery and long-term benefits. Also, different procedures require different types of rehabilitation. Click more to learn about correct rehabilitation methods.


The first step towards establishing the right solution for you is having an initial consultation with Dr Cutbush. Kept friendly and informal, it's your opportunity to discuss any concerns and discover your options. Certain documents are required on the day, so please click more to find out what's needed.

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Shoulder Clinic

I aim to get you the best possible result for your shoulder problem. My primary clinical interests are shoulder joint replacement surgery, instability surgery, including dislocations and rotator cuff issues.

For patients requiring consideration of shoulder replacement or instability surgery, CT scans have become increasingly important in decision making. My office can assist you in organising appropriate imaging for their shoulder condition.

It is now accepted practice (due to high observed recurrence rates) for younger, physically active patients to be considered for early stabilisation following a shoulder dislocation. I consult on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Brisbane Private Hospital; my staff will always fit you in if you need to be seen urgently.

I rely on MRI scans without contrast to assess patients for rotator cuff problems. I perform all rotator cuff surgery arthroscopically (keyhole surgery).

My current research interests include shoulder replacement surgery; arthroscopic latarjet reconstructions for recurrent shoulder instability; retear rates following rotator cuff repair surgery; and arthroscopic release for patients with severe frozen shoulder.

Many patients live outside Brisbane, and I encourage patients, and their GPs, to consider an initial telehealth consultation before travelling to Brisbane. Postoperative follow up can usually be managed similarly without needing to travel to Brisbane for each appointment.

Kenneth Cutbush

Brisbane Shoulder Surgeon

I was born and grew up in Brisbane. Following school, I attended the University of Queensland, where I received my medical degree. I undertook an internship and several years of junior surgical training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. 

My surgical training got off to a good start when I was awarded the Gordon-Taylor Medal for the surgical primary examination. I went on to commence training as a neurosurgery trainee; during which, I undertook a Fellowship in Spinal Surgery with Brisbane Spinal Surgeon, Dr Geoff Askin. I became disenchanted with neurosurgery and changed to Orthopaedics, undertaking initial nontraining positions in Orthopaedic surgery at Darwin hospital with Dr Robert Pozzi and Goldcoast Hospital.

After completing Orthopaedic training, I spent a year in postgraduate Orthopaedic Fellowship training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Hand and Upper Limb Surgery. This fellowship entailed extensive clinical duties and a research component. I gained comprehensive experience in microsurgery for replantation surgery, hand trauma, and major upper limb orthopaedic trauma. A significant focus of the fellowship was tertiary referral shoulder surgery.

Beyond surgery, I have professional interests in research and training younger surgeons. I am actively involved in research having published academic papers in international scientific journals. I am regularly invited to speak at national and international surgical conferences. I was awarded the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia International Travelling Fellowship and visited with members of the European Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and am a corresponding member of the European Shoulder and Elbow Society (SECEC).

I am chief supervisor of two Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) accredited Fellowships in Shoulder Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty training two Australian or Internationally trained Orthopaedic surgeons in subspecialty shoulder surgery each year.

At the Brisbane Private Hospital, I have my private practice Shoulder Clinic. I am committed to the Australian public hospital system with appointments at the Mater Public Hospital, Cairns Base Hospital & Princess Alexandra Hospital.

At a state and national level, I am actively engaged in Surgical Societies. I am a member of the Australian Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and the Australian Hand Surgery Society. I am a past President of the Queensland Hand Surgery Society and a previous Scientific Secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Orthopaedic Association. Currently, I am Secretary of the Queensland Shoulder Society and Queensland Chairman of the Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons. I am a member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Queensland Regional Committee. At the Brisbane Private Hospital, I am Chairman of the Patient Care Review Committee and a member of the Brisbane Private Medical Advisory Committee.

The University of Queensland recognised my work teaching medical students and surgical colleagues; my research activities; and contributions made through leadership roles when it appointed me to Associate Professor. The Queensland University of Technology recently appointed me as Adjunct Associate Professor.


Dr Willem Pretorius Visitation

We had a terrific week in theatre with Dr Willem Pretorius visiting from Rockhampton. 

Shoulder Replacement Surgery Cairns Base Hospital

  With my colleague Dr James Beazley after a shoulder replacement procedure.

QUT ITTC Grant for Shoulder Biomechanics Research

An ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics has been established at the Queensland University of Technology this week with a $4 million research grant announcement.

Superior Capsular Reconstruction & Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr Praveen Vijaysegaran presented our early results of arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction combined with rotator repair

Having Trouble Remembering How to Do Your Shoulder Exercises?

Are you having trouble remembering how to do your shoulder exercises? Here are some videos explaining some of the common shoulder exercises your physio will ask you to do.