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Cairns Hospital December 2017

Dr Will Bryceson & I performed shoulder replacement surgery for a patient with a type C glenoid and severe bilateral osteoarthritis on my last visit to Cairns Public Hospital in December 2017. Our patient was 71 years old, unable to sleep through the night due to the aching pain he was experiencing in his shoulders and unable to lift either arm to horizontal. We used the Ascend Flex Reverse Total shoulder system from Wright Medical as our implant of choice for this complex case. We were greatly assisted in our preoperative planning by the Blueprint software system.

Will & I preparing the graft

Inserting the Glenoid component. The success of the whole procedure depends on this step

Preop MRI showing the severe glenoid dysplasia with 48 degrees retroversion and 98% posterior subluxation

Axial CT Preop

3D CT reconstruction

Preop Blueprint Analysis. This software is so helpful in gaining an intimate understading of the problem to hand before the surgery commences

The Blueprint software allowed us to essetially trial the implant before even starting the operation

Postop XRay

Postop 3D CT reconstruction showing implant positioning and correction of subluxation and retroversion

Axial CT confirming correction of glenoid retroversion with large graft (humeral head autograft). The postop XRays show an excellent reconstruction of the severely disordered glenoid anatomy and an excellent position of the prosthesis.