Consultation Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for my appointment?

You will need to bring: your referral, any scans (i.e. X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds or MRIs) concerning the affected area and any relevant information from previous doctors or allied health professionals.

Why do I need a referral?

You will need to bring a current referral to enable your consultation fee to be claimed through Medicare. This is a strict requirement of Medicare and consequently your health fund or insurer.  Medicare specifies that a referral from a General Practitioner covers your visits for 12 months and a referral from a specialist doctor lasts for 3 months.

A referral is also essential for Dr Cutbush as it provides important details about your present problem as well as important information regarding your medical history.

What should I wear?

Dr Cutbush will need to examine the area of your body you are seeing him for.  For example, if you are female and seeing Dr Cutbush for your shoulder please wear something such as a sleeveless shirt or a singlet under your shirt.

Do I need an MRI?

When you book your appointment, if you believe you need further investigations, such as an MRI, mention this to the reception staff. Particularly if you live outside of Brisbane, as many of our patients do. Please keep in mind that it is usually not possible to easily book an MRI at short notice, and it may take a week or two to arrange an MRI or other significant investigations. Consequently, if you feel that this may be an issue for you, mention it to the reception staff. They will ask you to send in your referral and the written reports from any previous scans. Dr Cutbush will then be able to review these documents and determine if further investigations are likely to be required prior to your initial visit and bookings can be arranged for these investigations.

Do I need surgery?

You will need to see Dr Cutbush for an initial consultation before surgery can be organised. Should Dr Cutbush advise you during your consultation that you will need surgery, a date and a quote can be given to you at the time of your consultation.

Do I need an X-ray before my appointment?

A common question that is asked by people is whether they need an X-ray prior to their follow up appointment.

Despite the advance of MRI and CT imaging X-rays remain a very important investigation for patients with orthopaedic conditions.

As a general rule if you have had a fracture that is being treated either by surgery or by immobilisation an X-ray will be helpful in monitoring your progress.  If you are unsure please contact the office, as it is possible for you to have the X-ray before you come in or have a booking made for the X-ray immediately prior to your appointment.

What if I live outside of Brisbane?

At least 30% of Dr Cutbush’s patients fly in for their appointment with him.  If you do live outside Brisbane consider asking Dr Cutbush’s staff to setup a skype consultation with Dr Cutbush first. Dr Cutbush bulk bills these consultations. You will need to have some paperwork emailed out to you that you fill in and send back and Dr Cutbush will need a copy of any scans you have had as well as a copy of the reports.  Medicare laws require that you obtain a referral from your GP to Dr Cutbush otherwise you will have to pay the full cost of the consultation.  While the reports of any investigations are helpful, for Dr Cutbush to consider any surgical treatment to recommend to you he will need to have available your actual scans for him to review.  There are many radiology practices that partner with Inteleviewer in which case Dr Cutbush’s staff will be able to easily download the scans to his server for him to review.  Otherwise you will need to obtain a CDROM of the scan and post it in the mail to Dr Cutbush’s office.

While a skype or facetime consult does not replace a face to face consultation it will allow Dr Cutbush to make an assessment of what your problem is likely to be and to arrange a schedule of treatment.  If surgery is recommended you will usually be scheduled to see Dr Cutbush on a Tuesday afternoon and time booked for surgery the next day.  Any scans that you need to have can be scheduled for Tuesday morning before seeing Dr Cutbush.

Dr Cutbush will confirm with you when he sees you on Tuesday afternoon exactly what treatment you require before committing to surgery.

Most of your postoperative follow-up can be done using skype or facetime in conjunction with your physio sending reports down to Dr Cutbush.  Any postop X-rays or scans can be obtained locally where you live and sent down prior to the skype review.

Can the Radiology Practice that does my scans send them to Dr Cutbush?

We find that many Radiology practices say that they will send the scans to Dr Cutbush.  In our experience, what is sent is the report.  In recent years, we have not encountered a Radiology practice that does post the scans to Dr Cutbush.  A few Radiology groups are set up with web access that allows Dr Cutbush to download your scans to his PACS server, a good example of this is Inteleviewer.  If your Radiology practice uses Inteleviewer Dr Cutbush will be able to easily obtain, view and download your scan images.

How much will my appointment cost?

Your initial consultation will cost $230.00 and your subsequent consultation will cost $98.00. Please be aware that sometimes extra fees may be charged (e.g. if an injection is needed or if a cast is needed)

What hospital does Dr Cutbush operate at?

Dr Cutbush operates at the Brisbane Private Hospital.

What days does Dr Cutbush operate on?

Dr Cutbush operates on a Monday and Wednesday. Times will vary and this can be discussed with the staff when you schedule your surgery. Please be aware that on some occasions he may be unavailable.

What days does Dr Cutbush consult on?

Dr Cutbush consults on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please be aware that on some occasions he may be unavailable.

How do I know what time to arrive for my scheduled surgery?

Initially you will be given an admission time of 6:00am.  You will be asked to ring Dr Cutbush’s office once the list has been finalised on the day prior to surgery.  We will then be able to give you an admission time closer to the actual time of your operation.

We try to reduce the time spent waiting at the hospital, however, please remember that this is a surgical procedure and there will be some waiting time involved prior to the operation.

How long will my Day Surgery operation take? 

Most day surgery patients are advised to expect to spend about half a day at the hospital.

What if I am having a steroid injection?

Please see our procedure information sheet on steroid injections.

When will I go home after having surgery?

Most shoulder operations involve an overnight stay in hospital.  This is because shoulder operations can be painful for the first night after surgery.  If you are in hospital, the nurses can administer strong pain relief if it’s needed, often it isn’t.

Almost all patients having an arthroscopic shoulder procedure are discharged the next day; usually, about 11 am after seeing Dr Cutbush and the Physiotherapist.

Patients having shoulder replacement surgery will often spend two nights in hospital following a shoulder replacement.