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I love stories

Christine told me an endearing story this week that I want to share.

I fixed Christine’s fractured shoulder nine months ago, Thursday was her last visit.  When I told Christine, it was her final visit to see me she mentioned she wished she had brought her granddaughter with her like for the previous appointment. 

When I asked her why, Christine explained that after her last appointment her eight-year-old granddaughter, whom she had been homeschooling because she had been refusing to go to school, declared that when she grew up, she wanted to be a surgeon like Dr Cutbush. Christine pointed out that to be a surgeon she would have to go back to school and even university.  Taking this information in, Christine’s granddaughter looked up at her with a thoughtful expression and asked whether Dr Cutbush’s secretaries went to university?

Christine’s granddaughter is now back at school. After school, she plays with her two-year-old brother, as they do.  She has him play doctor and; not so sure she wants to go to university; she plays secretary. Her little brother, being two, struggles with pronouncing Cutbush, they call the game Dr Tutbush’s…….