Dr Kenneth Cutbush is a Brisbane Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon

About Kenneth

Brisbane Shoulder Surgeon

Associate Professor Kenneth Cutbush is a specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing exclusively in Shoulder Surgery. He cares for patients with acute sports injuries such as shoulder dislocations, fractures and tendon injuries as well as more chronic disorders including shoulder arthritis and rotator cuff tears.

Dr Cutbush is a partner at the Brisbane Hand and Upper Limb Clinic at Brisbane Private Hospital. The clinic is integrated with physiotherapists and hand therapists who assist with nonoperative treatment and postoperative rehabilitation.

Common surgical procedures that Dr Cutbush undertakes as a specialist shoulder surgeon include shoulder joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, reconstruction after shoulder dislocations including arthroscopic bankart repair and arthroscopic latarjet procedures, arthroscopic AC joint reconstruction and arthroscopic release for frozen shoulder. 

Dr Cutbush has a particular interest in shoulder instability. Unstable shoulders often occur secondary to sporting injuries, in most cases patients will have had a dislocation of their shoulder or have experienced multiple dislocations.  Dr Cutbush has recently had accepted for publication an article in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in its techniques in shoulder and elbow surgery regarding his modification of the arthroscopic latarjet procedure in which a repair of the capsule and labrum is performed in conjunction with the latarjet procedure.  The latarjet procedure is also used for patients requiring revision surgery if the first operation has failed or if large bone defects are present.  Dr Cutbush was invited as faculty to the Arthrex Mega Shoulder Conference held in Sydney earlier this year to present on his work with the arthroscopic latarjet and labral repair technique.

Shoulder replacement surgery is one of Dr Cutbush's main areas of interest. Shoulder replacements are most commonly performed for osteoarthritis or where arthritis has occurred due to large chronic untreated tears in the rotator cuff tendons (cuff tear arthropathy). Dr Cutbush was recently invited as faculty to the Depuy Delta Extend Shoulder Meeting in Melbourne in May 2017 to present his work on reverse total shoulder replacements using a bone graft taken from the excised humeral head to correct glenoid retroversion in those patients with severely subluxed shoulders and on his work looking at the safety of using the deltoid reflection technique when replacing a patient's arthritic shoulder with a reverse total shoulder replacement.  Dr Cutbush has recently spoken at the New Zealand Shoulder & Elbow Society Meeting in Queenstown and the Japanese Shoulder Society Meeting in Tokyo on the prevention of infection during shoulder replacement surgery.


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