Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of your consultation with Dr Cutbush, it may be decided that you require surgery. Dr Cutbush will explain the procedure and what is involved during and following your procedure.


What to do next

It is very important for you to advise Dr Cutbush of any medication allergies you have or if you are taking any blood thinning medications.

Dr Cutbush’s staff will then be able to organise a suitable date for your procedure and provide you with details regarding your length of stay, an estimate of costs and advise the hospital and anaethetist of your admission and surgery information.

If during this time you have any questions regarding your admission and procedure please don’t hesitate to contact the rooms.

Estimate of fees

Prior to your surgery, you will be provided with a surgery information pack which will include a letter detailing your admission, a consent form for you to sign and an estimate of costs. Please note this information may not be provided if an emergency procedure is needed or if you are directly admitted to hospital.

The administration staff at Dr Cutbush’s rooms are able to provide you with fees relating to Dr Cutbush and the assistant surgeon. There may also be costs relating to your anaesthetist and hospital stay including bed, theatre, prosthesis and incidentals. The contact details for these parties are included in the main letter in your surgery information pack.

Should you have any questions regarding the information in your pack please contact Dr Cutbush’s rooms.

Post operative information

Following your procedure, prior to your discharge, Dr Cutbush will provide you with a letter detailing your postoperative appointments and instructions. Please read this information carefully. Should any problems or questions arise during your postoperative period please contact Dr Cutbush’s rooms.

If you are going home on the day of your surgery, you will not be able to drive yourself and if needing to catch a taxi or public transport it is not acceptable to travel unaccompanied. It is also important to make sure that you are not alone on the night following your procedure.

How do I know what time to arrive for my scheduled surgery?

Initially you will be given an admission time of 6:00am.  You will be asked to ring Dr Cutbush’s office once the list has been finalised on the day prior to surgery.  We will then be able to give you an admission time closer to the actual time of your operation.

We try to reduce the time spent waiting at the hospital, however, please remember this is a surgical procedure and there will be some waiting time involved prior to the operation.

What time will I go home after surgery?

Most shoulder operations involve an overnight stay in hospital.  This is because shoulder operations can be painful for the first night after surgery.  If you are in hospital, the nurses can administer strong pain relief if it’s needed, often it isn’t.

Almost all patients having an arthroscopic shoulder procedure are discharged the next day; usually about 11 am after seeing Dr Cutbush and the Physiotherapist.

Patients having shoulder replacement surgery will often spend two nights in hospital following a shoulder replacement.