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Brachial Plexus Course Bangkok June 2015

Dr Cutbush attended the Brachial Plexus course in Bangkok in June 2015. The course was held at Siriraj Hospital. The faculty was comprised of prominent International brachial plexus surgeons including Dr Doi from Japan, Dr Xu from China, Dr Bertelli from Brazil. The lectures and workshops were of an impressive standard and Dr Cutbush greatly…

AOA COE July 2015

Dr Cutbush attended the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Continuing Orthopaedic Education meeting as faculty. Dr Cutbush presented a lecture on the arthroscopic latarjet and his tips and tricks for performing the procedure. He also chaired one of the scientific sessions at the meeting.

Qld AOA Annual Scientific Meeting June 2015

The Queensland branch of the Australian Orthopaedic Association held its annual scientific meeting in June 2015. It was attended by over 120 orthopaedic surgeons. Dr Cutbush was invited to present a talk on the indications for arthroplasty in complex upper limb trauma.

Annecy Shoulder Course June 2015

Dr Cutbush attended the Live Shoulder Surgery course in Annecy, France in June. The course chairman is Dr Lafosse and its focus is on presenting complex shoulder surgery in real time. Dr Cutbush had the opportunity to meet with the engineers responsible for designing the second generation arthroscopic latarjet equipment and review the instruments. This…

Qld Shoulder Society Scientific Evening May 2015

The Queensland Shoulder Society held a dinner evening in May. Dr Alan Barber from Houston Texas was the guest speaker for the evening. He spoke on biomaterials and their application to shoulder surgery. In particular he spoke on biomaterials and their application in the design and manufacture of anchors for use in stabilisation surgery and…

GP Registrar Teaching session May 2015

Dr Cutbush presented to a training session for GP registrars on shoulder and upper limb examination. The doctors were preparing for their final examinations to become a fully qualified general practitioner.

Visitation Dr Glen Gomez

Dr Cutbush was visited by Dr Glen Gomez in May. Dr Gomez is a Melbourne trained orthopaedic surgeon working in Rockhampton. Dr Cutbush and Dr Gomez had a rewarding day performing several complex surgical cases in theatre.

Australian Hand Surgery Society ASM Hobart March 2015

Dr Cutbush attended the Australian Hand Surgery Society Annual Scientific Meeting held in Hobart in March 2015.

Article Accepted for Publication Arthroscopic Latarjet

Dr Cutbush has had an article accepted for publication by the international medical journal the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in their techniques in shoulder and elbow surgery. The article is entitled “Arthroscopic Latarjet Stabilisation of the Shoulder with Capsulolabral Repair”. The paper was submitted in February 2015 and accepted for publication in March….

American Academy Meeting, Las Vegas in March 2015

Dr Cutbush attended the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Academy Meeting in Las Vegas in March 2015. The final day of the meeting was the subspecialty day hosted by the society of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons and the Arthroscopy Association of North America.

Visitation Lafosse France January 2015

Dr Cutbush spent a week with Dr Lafosse in Annecy France in January 2015. Dr Lafosse is a world leader and innovator in shoulder surgery. He is best known for developing the technique of the arthroscopic latarjet. Dr Lafosse demonstrated the latest developments of the arthroscopic latarjet procedure to Dr Cutbush. Dr Lafosse performed many…

QSS Annual Dinner Meeting November 2014

Dr Cutbush attended the annual dinner meeting of the Queensland Shoulder Society (QSS) November 2014. The guest speaker was Dr Greg Hoy from Melbourne who was then the president of the Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Australia (SESA). Dr Hoy spoke regarding the Victorian experience of shoulder surgery for instability in AFL athletes. After…