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Dr Willem Pretorius Visitation

We had a terrific week in theatre with Dr Willem Pretorius visiting from Rockhampton. 

Shoulder Replacement Surgery Cairns Base Hospital

  With my colleague Dr James Beazley after a shoulder replacement procedure.

QUT ITTC Grant for Shoulder Biomechanics Research

An ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics has been established at the Queensland University of Technology this week with a $4 million research grant announcement.

Superior Capsular Reconstruction & Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr Praveen Vijaysegaran presented our early results of arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction combined with rotator repair

Having Trouble Remembering How to Do Your Shoulder Exercises?

Are you having trouble remembering how to do your shoulder exercises? Here are some videos explaining some of the common shoulder exercises your physio will ask you to do.

Proximal Humeral Fractures

Proximal Humeral Fractures are common injuries. They can cause people significant pain and loss of function if they are not treated effectively.

Correct Shoulder Posture

Posture is very important for your shoulders. Good posture helps all shoulder conditions. For some conditions posture correction may be all that is required to fix it and avoid surgery. Here is how to have correct shoulder posture.

How to Take Your Dressings Off

Are you worried about how to take your dressings off? Many people are.

How to Put Your Sling On!

Are you having trouble putting your sling on? Then this video will help you get it sorted! A big thank you to our stars Lucy and Mary, physiotherapists from Extend therapy.

How to Shower with a Sling

Are you having trouble navigating having a shower when you have to wear a sling to protect your shoulder after an operation? Lucy and Mary will help you work it out! A huge thank you to Mary Mitchell and Lucy Angelini from Extend Therapy!

Dr Italia AOA Fellowship completion

  Dr Kristine (Tin) Italia was one of our favourite fellows for my partner Ashish Gupta and me. Tin worked with us for the last 12 months. We were all impressed by Tin’s skill as a surgeon, her intelligence and her humbleness and kindness as a human being. Tin received the certificate of completion of…