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Cowboy Way Shoulder Course, Texas 2017

Dr Cutbush attended Dr Stephen Burkhart’s Cowboy Way Shoulder Course in San Antonio Texas, October 2017.  This course was a two day shoulder course.  It was a great course.  It was amazing to see a company such as Arthrex so committed to R&D and teaching surgeons. One of two lab rooms with 30 cadaver lab…

Shoulder Course, Texas, October 2017

Dr Cutbush is attending the Shoulder Course run by Dr Stephen Burkhart in San Antonio Texas, October 2017.  This will be an excellent two day course covering the latest techniques in shoulder arthroscopy and joint replacement surgery. Just arrived for the Cowboy Way Shoulder Course with Dr Stephen Burkhart. Catching an early meal with Dr…

Speaking at the Japanese Shoulder Society Tokyo October 2017

Speaking at the Japanese Shoulder Society October 2017. “How to Prevent Infection in Shoulder Arthroplasty”

Blueprint, Delphine Henry, Lyon, France October 2017

Dr Cutbush met with Ms Delphine Henry, Director of R&D Blueprint & PSI (Patient Specific Instrumenttion) from Tornier, Wright medical regarding future development with the BlueprintShoulder Replacement planning software for accurate Shoulder Arthroplasty surgery.  They also discussed the use of blueprint for assessing patients with shoulder instability and previous shoulder dislocation injuries using The software to determine which patients are best managed with latarjet surgery which is an…

Visitation Jerome Garret Lyon, France October 2017

Dr Cutbush spent the morning in the operating theatre at Clinique Du Parc with Dr Jerome Garret in Lyon, France.  They discussed Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty using the Wright, Tornier Ascend Flex prosthesis; Open Latarjet Surgical Stabilisation for patients with shoulder instability and rotator cuff repair surgery. Dr Garret and Dr Cutbush discussing open latarjet surgery technique for the treatment of a patient with anterior shoulder instability. Dr Cutbush and Dr Garret discussing a case…

Visitation Gilles Walch October 2017

Dr Cutbush spent the afternoon with Gilles Walch at his home in Lyon.  There can be nothing more rewarding for a shoulder surgeon than to spend the afternoon with one of the truly great shoulder surgeons getting his advice on how best to treat the patients that depend on you to make the right decisions. Gilles, me…

Visitation Arnaud Godenéche Lyon, France October 2017

Dr Cutbush spent the morning in theatre with Dr Arnaud Godenéche at the Hospital Mermoz in Lyon learning new techniques in shoulder replacement surgery with the Tornier Ascend Flex Shoulder Prosthesis and with arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs.  The focus was on how to improve patient outcomes. Dr Cutbush and Dr Arnaud Godenéche after observing shoulder replacement cases, shoulder instability cases. and shoulder rotator cuff repairs

Hiro Sugaya Visitation Tokyo 2017

Sushi of course! With Dr Hiro Sugaya, his colleagues, fellows and staff after a big day in theatre treating patients with shoulder instability, rotator cuff tears and shoulder arthritis.

Hiro Sugaya Visitation Tokyo 2017

Dr Cutbush spent the day in theatre with Dr Hiro Sugaya at Funabashi Orthopaedic Hospital October 2017.  He saw a great number of cases and learnt a lot about the subtelties to achieving great shoulder surgery. The surgery cases for the day included anatomical total shoulder replacement utilising the Ascend Flex arthroplasty system from Wright/ Tornier; a shoulder instability case treated with arthroscopic shoulder bankart repair; arthroscopic rotator cuff…

Faculty Function JSS 2017 Tokyo

Dr Cutbush attended the Faculty Welcome for the 44th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Shoulder Society Conference combined with the 1st Asia-Pacific Shoulder Elbow Symposium October 2017

Welcome Function JSS Tokyo October 2017

Dr Cutbush attended the faculty welcome at the Japanese Shoulder Society in Tokyo October 2017

JSS 2017 Tokyo October 2017

Dr Cutbush speaking at the Japanese Shoulder Society Meeting Tokyo October 2017 Dr Cutbush speaking at the Japanese Shoulder Society Scientific Meeting in Tokyo October 2017. “Preventing Infection in Shoulder Replacement Surgery”