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Visitation Arnaud Godenéche Lyon, France October 2017

Dr Cutbush spent the morning in theatre with Dr Arnaud Godenéche at the Hospital Mermoz in Lyon learning new techniques in shoulder replacement surgery with the Tornier Ascend Flex Shoulder Prosthesis and with arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs.  The focus was on how to improve patient outcomes. Dr Cutbush and Dr Arnaud Godenéche after observing shoulder replacement cases, shoulder instability cases. and shoulder rotator cuff repairs

Hiro Sugaya Visitation Tokyo 2017

Sushi of course! With Dr Hiro Sugaya, his colleagues, fellows and staff after a big day in theatre treating patients with shoulder instability, rotator cuff tears and shoulder arthritis.

Hiro Sugaya Visitation Tokyo 2017

Dr Cutbush spent the day in theatre with Dr Hiro Sugaya at Funabashi Orthopaedic Hospital October 2017.  He saw a great number of cases and learnt a lot about the subtelties to achieving great shoulder surgery. The surgery cases for the day included anatomical total shoulder replacement utilising the Ascend Flex arthroplasty system from Wright/ Tornier; a shoulder instability case treated with arthroscopic shoulder bankart repair; arthroscopic rotator cuff…

Faculty Function JSS 2017 Tokyo

Dr Cutbush attended the Faculty Welcome for the 44th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Shoulder Society Conference combined with the 1st Asia-Pacific Shoulder Elbow Symposium October 2017

Welcome Function JSS Tokyo October 2017

Dr Cutbush attended the faculty welcome at the Japanese Shoulder Society in Tokyo October 2017

JSS 2017 Tokyo October 2017

Dr Cutbush speaking at the Japanese Shoulder Society Meeting Tokyo October 2017 Dr Cutbush speaking at the Japanese Shoulder Society Scientific Meeting in Tokyo October 2017. “Preventing Infection in Shoulder Replacement Surgery”

Japanese Shoulder Society Presidential Dinner October 2017

Dr Cutbush attended the faculty dinner at the Japanese Shoulder Society Meeting in Tokyo in October 2017. With Dr Hiro Sugaya (congress president) and his wife With the greats: Greg Hoy (Melbourne, Australia), Eiji Itoi (Sendai, Japan) and Quinn Throckmorton (Memphis, Tennessee)

Zimmer Advanced Shoulder Symposium Sydney February 2018

Dr Cutbush has been invited to attend as faculty the Advanced Shoulder and Elbow Symposium to be held in Sydney in February 2018.  International faculty will include Prof John Sperling from the Mayo Clinic and Dr Quinn Throckmorton from Memphis Tennessee both of whom have extensive experience in shoulder replacement surgery.

Teru Mihata Theatre Case SCR October 2017

Dr Mihata demonstrated several Superior Capsular Reconstruction procedures for patients with large irrepairable rotator cuff tears over the couple of days that Dr Cutbush spent with him Superior Capsular Reconstruction surgery by the master Dr Mihata and his fellow Dr Prakasit Chanasit

SCR Visitation with Teru Mihata Osaka October 2017

Dr Cutbush visited Dr Teru Mihata in Osaka at the Osaka Medical College for several days to learn the techniques pioneered by Dr Mihata.  Dr Mihata over the last 10 years has pioneered a new arthroscopic procedure for patients with irrepairable rotator cuff tears that avoids the need for them to undergo large joint replacement surgery.  This procedure is called Superior Capsular Reconstruction…

ACASEA Mumbai November 2017

Dr Cutbush has been invited as faculty to speak at the 9th Academic Congress of the Asian Shoulder & Elbow Association (ACASEA) in Mumbai in November 2017.  He will teach in a demonstration session on open and arthroscopic latarjet techniques and speak on glenoid exposure in difficult cases and how to prevent infection in Shoulder…

27th SECEC-ESSSE Congress e-poster Deltoid Reflection September 2017

Dr. Cutbush’s poster, “Deltoid Reflection During Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty – Is It A Viable Technique?”, was displayed at the  27th SECEC-ESSSE Congress in Berlin in September 2017.